Duck Confit, the Right Way Recipe

  • on October 9, 2018
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1. 1 minced shallot, 
2. 1/4 cup evaporated cane sugar
3. 1/4 cup kosher salt
4. 3 tablespoons coarsely ground black pepper
5. 4 minced cloves garlic, 
6. 6 chopped sprigs thyme,
7. 4 duck legs with thighs
8. 4 trimmed duck wings,
9. 4 cups duck fat
Prep:35 Minutes, Cook:2 Hours 8 Minutes, Ready In:1 d 3 Hours 13 Minutes
Directions :
1.mix shallot, sugar, salt, pepper, garlic, and thyme in a small bowl. rub all over duck legs, thighs, and wings.
2. arrange duck elements pores and skin aspect-up in a dish and cover with plastic wrap. refrigerate till the seasoning is properly absorbed, 24 to 48 hours.
3. rinse off the seasoning and pat the duck dry. arrange duck in a unmarried layer in a baking pan. permit duck stand until it reaches room temperature, about half-hour.
4.heat oven to 110 degrees c.
5. melt duck fat in a saucepan over medium heat till bubbles start to form, 6 to eight minutes. pour duck fats over the room-temperature duck.
6. bake duck inside the preheated oven until tender and the juices run clear, 2 to a few hours. an instantaneous-study thermometer inserted close to the bone must read 57 degree c. pour off the duck fats.
7. brush a grill pan with some of the used duck fats and warmth over medium-high heat till smoking. upload baked duck; cook dinner in batches until pores and skin is crispy, for 90 seconds according to aspect.
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